Variations on a Theme of Chance, Nº 3 (Detail)


Variations on a Theme of Chance, Nº 3

The Mysteries of Chance in those Natural History Chambers of intersected labyrinths with dioramas through that which are seen Panoramas of Life

The Girl with the Blond Hair


La Fille aux Cheveux de Blonds

An simple observation on the sound of causation-echoes after 100-year Entr’acte in the Chambered Mausoleum of Providence

To Sea


To Sea

A Fragment - The Statue at the End of the Earth at Sea - taken from the Journal of an Escapade by the Author where was seen all manner of things

and—as evidenced above—THIS THEATRE is the work of two centuries, of schemes and rhymes, of rhymes and tales, of tales and tropes found in years of works are these thence made with annotations and notes and best arranged in this Modern Age with Odes and Verse, Sonnets and Tone-Poems, Variations written on a Theme; Stories, of which are found Pieces divers, Tragedies and Vitrolics, Farces and Falsehoods whose conclusions are deduced sôlely by the Reader; and Tales, filled to the utmost capacity with sophic arguments regarding the Laws of Time eternal fleeting; and, The Eternal Laws of Physics are as they were invented in Nature for mocking Reality.



    Le Rêve; or, The perseverance of Venus

    A verse-piece written in the Terminus-Realms of Dreams as regards a woman who was met there.

    Of the Mermaid‑Empress with her blonde tresses
    pageboy‑styled and wearing her opaque black stockings with ankle‑strap shoes
    lounged as Venus in the tide pools:

  • VENUS IN CHAOS [See Directory]

    The Darkened Memory of Sleep

    All ages of Sleep are epochal and apocryphal for the dreams remembered after wakened even if they are Lies.

    Confluent currents of Fate
    formed by Chance from three-hundred years of Muses Dreams forsaken and therewith returned are they
    by Sleep or in the solitude
    of Melancholy

    The Chaos of Thought that would be

    Verse-piece regarding the concept of Thought that utilizes an automated Cut-up technique for resetting the free verse typography.

    That Logic should exist
    as temperance for Thoughts of Reason where single belief may be exclaimed as Truth
    or Frolic since Reason and Logic are harboured by Sense
    illustrate the sublime nature of Chaos


    An Afternoon (An Escapade)

    On Holidaypromendading composed of numerous lines unwritten during an afternoon in the Bleak Oblique Arcade during an Escapade of remorse amusment.

    They are
    Beauty-as-Ideal suspended on the gallows of Time
    Mechanical Hypnos Eyes
    Beauty sighs deeply Bloody breaths cast Tubercular meningitis breathed Love’s thoughts enshrined

    The Wreathening Strands

    Thoughts are ponderous skeins oft made by insignificance found from Hours, Graces and Fates.

    They are
    Glass eyes in large blue-glass jars filled with piss from the thirteen Graces
    Empress Winter’s fulsome laughter seen as particles of light at dawn
    Shadows of great winged creatures flying that are never to be seen
    Dew on honeysuckle vines twining’d the lighthouse of Pharos
    Epitaphs writing themselves on the tendrils of opium’d air

  • OF GUILE [See Directory]

    Variations on a Theme of Guile, Nº 5

    The fifth Carte mémoires of the Past as shown illustrate the progresses of an anomalous Reality.

    are found harboured by Sense illustrate the sublime nature of Chaos

  • OF CHANCE [See Directory]

    Variations on a Theme of Chance, Nº 3

    History composes those mysteries deemed to have been Chance by waited patience until all other reasons are forgotten.

    Blind Seers Sights Tales Tellers Told in a game of Chance on the deserted platform where winds reverberated undulating sonorousness of stillness and melancholy of the Gare des Morts Fortunetellings Séanced sins are shown:

  • DISCOURSE [See Directory]

    Mythopoeia; or, Ex Nihilo: The Process of documenting Everyday Life for that which is not seen by

    A reading-list compiled on behalf of the Chimera Group for immersive composing and composition classes related to the Mythopoeia processes.

    Everyday life becomes Mythos in later centuries all who secure written permission
    from Doctor Mabuse

    The Thirteen Stages of Writing

    A piece regarding those influences used in my writing styles.

    Of schemes and rhymes, of rhymes and tales, of tales and tropes found
    in years of works are these thence made
    with annotations and notes

  • CHIMERA [See Directory]

    The Chimera Group [March] Programmes

    A collection of programme notices written for The Chimera Group for the month of March.

    Catherine Deneuve will reprise her role as Lulu in the stage production of “Pandora’s Box” at the Gaumont Palace.

  • AFFICHES [See Directory]

    The Horae Refrain

    The Horae Refrain is a simple piece regarding the composition of the Théâtre Optique.

    TALES were told in vague refrain by the Horae on morrow or found
    in RHYMES of Passion and Vice on voyage set by Clotho resolute that those Sphères Élémentaires of Justice, Intelligence and Evil or
    Knowledge are populated with MadÂmes, Revenants and Shades of Life in this work


    Valentines’ Bitters Cure

    A poem composed of lines (1850-1900) found in divers ephemera from the Library of Congress rendered by a cut-up technique.

    It Recognizes Death Begins in the Brain the Important Truth that EACH ORGAN IS BUT A PART OF AN ELECTRICAL MACHINE.

  • STORIES [See Directory]

    The Indulgent Salesman

    The salesman, as Senior Charge d’affaires from The Almighty Thaumaturgic Co., offers his wares with profound statements of fidelity and fealty, piety and faith.

    Treasons, trespasses, transgressions, surfeits of sin, torpidities of faith, egregious acts of atrociousness; and, all such participations in deadly sins, small or large—which may or may not be deemed as abandonments of piety.

  • ZOE [See Directory]


    The first chapter of an observation on the eternal clockwork spheres of Man’s existence as seen in Paris, 1913.

    Alliances and Ententes existed: France, 1913 — Patriots and Ministers sought the divine virtues of Imperialism under the Arguments presented by Mars.