La Femme Opiacé

    La Femme Opiacé is a collection of lines which accompany Le Rêve or, The Perseverance of Venus but are seldom seen.

    Breathings of her lithe bosom in moonlit Songes: Existence;Murmurs of the echoes of her laughter that did become Songes: Life; Susurrations of her fragrance that were Rêveries: Death;

    The Odalisque

    An observation for that which may have happened or imagined.

    clothed in her nakedness of an elegance serene
    and countenance of distant mirth

    On Recognition

    An affiche regarding Cupid’s Hand-books for Popular Use of Morals and Mores during Courtship.

    On Cigarettes and Gin; On Fragrances and Tea; On Ghost Anemones and Seahorses; On Passionelles Engaged; On Tableaux performed where the measure of hours have ceased; On Corsets; On Consuls; On Fancy, Mirth and Wit; On the Caesura of Despondence; On Fleeting Nights at Sea

    Les Belles Ténèbres

    This piece was composed with words from Edgar Poe, John Keats, and Percy Bysshe Shelley après Charles Baudelaire with the method employed by Tristan Tzara.

    Blithe Spirit!
    the dirges of Hope
    Fade far away, on the foam, in embalmèd darkness of perilous seas, O’er which clouds are brightening

    Le Rêve; or, The perseverance of Venus

    A verse-piece written in the Terminus-Realms of Dreams as regards a woman who was met there.

    Of the Mermaid‑Empress with her blonde tresses
    pageboy‑styled and wearing her opaque black stockings with ankle‑strap shoes
    lounged as Venus in the tide pools:

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    The Darkened Memory of Sleep

    All ages of Sleep are epochal and apocryphal for the dreams remembered after wakened even if they are Lies.

    Confluent currents of Fate
    formed by Chance from three-hundred years of Muses Dreams forsaken and therewith returned are they
    by Sleep or in the solitude
    of Melancholy

    The Chaos of Thought that would be

    Verse-piece regarding the concept of Thought that utilizes an automated Cut-up technique for resetting the free verse typography.

    That Logic should exist
    as temperance for Thoughts of Reason where single belief may be exclaimed as Truth
    or Frolic since Reason and Logic are harboured by Sense
    illustrate the sublime nature of Chaos


    The Imperial Lesson

    A Threnody piece found in Hilarity’s History of Horror about colonialism and imperialism providing evidence that wars shall forever occur and they will remain caused by greed and fear.

    all written tomes works books papers sacred and profane espouse
    Morality disbelieving inherent evils by they are sown

    Seraphs and Demons Are Bewildered While Death Rages

    A Threnody of rage against those whose acts of willful murder illustrate the inherent Evil that is to be found in them.

    Age malformed forms infectious agents diseases fevers viruses bacteria
    All necropolis sent Death sadly sighs

    Of Passions

    A double (fractured) sestina written on those realms beyond Senses and Reason.

    Honey suckled reminiscences would Saudade
    be after centuries in remembrances of Beauty blithely

    The Scrivening Ode

    An aged Gentleman who wrote poems.

    Ravens for Thoughtfulness Intelligence Illumination and Love
    Rooks for Poignancies

    Of Horae

    A simple sonnet of Sorrow.

    replaced by platinotype tristesse
    until the edge of the risen Sky Solace-rising seen;

    On Life Enharmonic

    A Portrait of an Early Childhood by the Sea (A Fragment from the Journal of an Escapade by the Author).

    And, as all voyages are
    eccentricities, as sojourns in wakened states and dreams in states sublime are voyages.

    The Fun House

    A observation of those waiting for access to the amusements found in The Fun House with its three floors: Orbis elisium, Orbis infernum, and Orbis terrae.

    All were
    held that
    amoungst all of the sacred and profane beliefs,
    in descendences from every liege-language,
    were Three Grand Tours

    The Wreathening Strands

    Thoughts are ponderous skeins oft made by insignificance found from Hours, Graces and Fates.

    They are
    Glass eyes in large blue-glass jars filled with piss from the thirteen Graces
    Empress Winter’s fulsome laughter seen as particles of light at dawn
    Shadows of great winged creatures flying that are never to be seen
    Dew on honeysuckle vines twining’d the lighthouse of Pharos
    Epitaphs writing themselves on the tendrils of opium’d air

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    The Cursèd Lake

    A small history told in Hookland.

    She stepped forth unclothed, cleansed of her wickedness and evil. She stood radiant amoungst them; she was tall, of regal mien with a grace of form..

    The Reminiscences Trespassed

    A short story that concerns Memories and Memory.

    Tell me a Tale, said the Forest with a sinuous cacophony of voices; and, we shall let you enter.

    The Evening Shrieks

    Huckleberry Hermes Fox has his evening reverie interrupted.

    Dame Gwendolyn Snood had begun practicing her aria lessons in her garden, for her recital as The Soubrette.

  • ZOE [See Directory]


    The first chapter of an observation on the eternal clockwork spheres of Man’s existence as seen in Paris, 1913.

    Alliances and Ententes existed: France, 1913 — Patriots and Ministers sought the divine virtues of Imperialism under the Arguments presented by Mars.